• Does Your Dog Need a Woofy Workout?

  • Super Services

    "Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job." - Franklin P. Jones
    • Grooming

      Superdogs look, feel and smell better when clean. We use positive reinforcement so your Superdog has a great grooming experience.

    • Training

      Basic manners and obedience is the foundation of solid dog training and will improve the relationship between you and your dog.

    • Boarding

      We believe in giving your dog a fun-filled experience, where dogs are kept in a cage-free dog boarding environment and socialized with other dogs.

    • Daycare

      At Superdogs, your pup can spend all day with their best canine friends and play in our 3,000 square foot climate
      controlled facility.

    • When I see how pumped up my dogs Sam & Bella get when we pull in it makes me feel less guilty about going away. My son & I love getting to see pics of how much fun our dogs are having on their vacation while we are on ours!

      Phil Mirichiella
    • We have heard some dogs are asleep before the owner pulls out of the parking lot!

      Judy Threlfall
    • Superdogs Daycare has a wonderful grooming department. The staff always follows directions and my dog always looks too cute!

      Kim Gaumont
  • Being sent to the doghouse has never been so fun.

    We’ve got 15,000 sq. feet for your pups to run around in with all of their best canine friends.

    Superdogs has two separate playgrounds; one for smaller Superdogs with size-appropriate toys, and a larger playground with toys for larger Superdogs. A safe and supervised outdoor area is provided for fun in the sun and potty breaks.

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    • K
      Sq. Foot Facility

      Superdogs deserve a super space. Our huge facility makes sure they are never cooped up and especially not bored!

    • Hours 7 Days a Week

      When pups stay with us, they truly stay with us. Superdogs is a hands-on facility, meaning we always have staff supervision.

    • Renowned Owners

      Owners Mark and Judy Threlfall can handle anything. In 1993 Mark handled the Westminster Kennel Club’s Best In Show winner.

    • Punchcard Punches

      Make sure to ask for a Superdogs Punchcard. After 20 punches your dog gets a free full day of daycare!