• Boarding Shouldn't Be Boring

    We believe in giving your dog a fun filled experience, where dogs are kept in an open boarding environment and socialized with other dogs. Boarding with Superdogs is like a sleepover for your dog with all of their best friends!

    To sign up, contact Superdogs to schedule a temperament test for your dog. Be sure to bring your dog’s vaccination records with you. Once your dog has passed the temperament test and we have your pet’s vaccination records and completed Service Request Form, your dog will be ready for daycare and boarding!

    • Open

      Our very own slumber party! Play all day and then snore the night away! These Superdogs remain out in the daycare room amongst their best pals and are closely supervised by our overnight staff.

    • Modified

      Playing all day can be very taxing! The proper amount of rest is vital to our Superdogs’ health and happiness. Partial Hotel accommodations may be assigned to avoid overexertion and let them catch up on their beauty sleep.

    • Hotel

      Accommodations include a size-appropriate private suites, a kuranda bed and a nylabone. Guests receive 1-on-1 playtime and interaction with staff to provide them with the necessary exercise and stimulation that caters to their individual needs.

  • Boarding Prices

    • $50 / night
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