• Put On A Show

    Superdogs look, feel and smell better when clean. We specialize in grooming elderly dogs, challenging dogs, and puppies that dislike baths. We use positive reinforcement to ensure your pup has a super grooming experience. Our Groomers’ expertise makes us capable of accentuating your dog’s attributes and even reflecting your own personal style!
  • Salon Services

    Hair styles you almost wish you could have, dog breath that you can breathe around, and nails that are clean and non-destructive.
    • Superdogs Grooming

      Shampoo, condition & hand dry, de-tangle, nails, clean & pluck ears, gland expression, plus trimming!

      • Expert Groomers
      • Hand Drying Process
      • Super Scissoring!
      CALLfor pricing estimate
    • Shampoo & Dry

      Super Squeaky! Includes wash, dry, brush/furminate, clean ears, gland expression & trim nails.

      • Positive Reinforcement
      • Dog-Friendly Shampoo
      • Includes Nail Care!
      CALLfor pricing estimate
    • Dental Care

      Dental hygiene is important for your dog’s overall health & should be a part of routine grooming.

      • Enzymatic Toothpaste
      • Brushes Designed for Dogs
      • Fresh Breath, Fresher Kisses!
      $10-20Walk-ins Welcome between 8am-1pm
    • Nail Care

      Unhealthy, overgrown nails snag on carpet & furniture causing broken, split & torn nails.

      • Recommended Bi-Monthly
      • Eliminate Pain & Infection
      • Shake Paws with Confidence!
      $17Walk-ins Welcome between 8am-1pm
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